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Tips for a Successful Photo Day

Follow these 5 helpful tips to ensure an easy and smooth photo session!

  1. Reserve a Room: We bring the studio to you! Secure a 20'x18' room with a minimum ceiling height of 8'. Make sure two tables are available for our pose selection laptops. The room should be available 1.5 hours before the scheduled time and 1 hour after the scheduled time for equipment set-up and breakdown.
  2. Share the Sign-Up: Share your unique URL with your members to encourage them to sign-up for the photo session. Make sure all members are signed-up to ensure everyone is included and represented on your composite. 
  3. Attire: We provide drapes, pearls, and black suit jackets. If you would like to wear your own matching attire, make sure there is at least 3 outfits available for members to use at the photo session. TIP: If you are changing attire this year, it is important that every person is photographed in the new attire for a consistent look on the composite.
  4. Complete the Planner: Before your session, login to the Composite Planner, and complete the Contacts, Composite Details, and Roster sections. It is important that these sections are finished, prior to your session, as you will be reviewing them with your photographer to ensure an accurate invoice. 
  5. Request a Quote: Request an itemized quote today, so you can have payment ready for your photographer on picture day. Click here to request a quote.
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