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Composite Attire

Here is a Guide to Looking your Best on Photo Day

Digital Pix provides FREE drapes, pearls and jackets!

Composites are displayed in sorority and fraternity chapters for a lifetime, so it is important to look your best during your photography session. Depending on your chapter, you may choose to pick out your own outfit, decide everyone wears a certain color, or create a more formal look by choosing to wear drapes or jackets. Here is a short guide on what to wear for your sorority or fraternity composite photo. 

Nursing pins, matching ties, or coordinating shirts really make the composite look unified. Make sure to supply any specialty attire and have a few of them ready at the session so things go smoothly.

More Tips on What to Wear for your Composite Photo Session

Choose Your Own Outfit 

When deciding on what to wear for your composite, use keep it simple. Avoid distracting patterns. Instead, choose solid, monochromatic colors that accentuate your natural beauty. Dark colors are the most popular choice, but we suggest something unified and professional.

Sorority Composite Attire 

One of the most popular clothing choices for a sorority composite is a drape. What exactly is a drape? It is a piece of material that looks like an elegant, v-neck evening gown. They are often combined with pearls for added sophistication. When wearing a drape, wear a tube top to the photo session to avoid strap marks. As for colors, Digital Pix provides free velveteen drapes in a variety of colors including black, red, blue, pink, green, and amber. We also provide faux pearls for photo sessions. Watch out for companies that charge rental or cleaning fees to use their drapes. Learn more and view some sorority composite samples.

Fraternity Composite Attire 

Jackets and ties are the most common form of attire for fraternity composites. For a photography session, we recommend that there are at least three sets of jackets to help make the session run smoothly. In case you may be short of suits, Digital Pix will bring a set of three jackets for its fraternity customers. We do ask you to provide your own ties so you can coordinate and look your best. Learn more and view fraternity composite samples.

Nursing & Graduation Attire

There are so many options for graduate composites. A lot of our nursing groups prefer traditonal whites and some even wear classic nursing caps. Others prefer business attire, graduation gowns, or even scrubs. It's completely up to you and your class. If you are providing nursing pins or caps/gowns/regalia, we request at least 3 on hand for a smooth session.

Still can’t decide what to wear? Contact us and we can help you figure out what attire would look best for your composite.   

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