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Composite Planner

Just elected as the composite chair and not sure where to start? We are here to help!


Get started with our exclusive Composite Planner. From roster maintenance to member signed-up, the Composite Planner has everything you need to keep organized and on track during the composite process.

  • Roster: We start you off with a list of members from last year's roster, and all you need to do is add new members, 5th year seniors, and mascots or pets.
  • Sign-Up: Share a unique URL with your members to get them signed-up for the photo session. Track who has signed up and who hasn't. Each person who signs up receives an email reminder before their scheduled time.
  • Composite Details: Review your options from last year, and tell us about any changes. New to Digital Pix? Upload a photo of your last composite, and we can match the design.
  • Proof: Get a digital proof of your composite that you can share with one other person for approval.
  • Online Payment: Pay your bill online with a credit card.
  • Live Chat: We have your back from start to finish. Our friendly customer service reps are on-call and ready to help with any questions.
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