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Composite Planner

Everything is online and at your fingertips. We make composites easy! You can even pay your bill online via credit card!

Get started with our exclusive Online Composite Planner. From roster maintenance to managing photo appointment sign-up, the Composite Planner has everything you need to keep organized and on track during the composite process. We make managing composites easy. Everything is all in one place!

Newly elected composite chair?  Get started today.
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Locations & Dates

Confirm your session when you create your online account with the click of a button. Check out these Tips for Scheduling!

You'll also have a place to provide important locations such as where the photography session will take place and where we should ship the composite. Not available during breaks to receive packages, you can easily let us know and we will hold your composite free of charge until you return.

Member Roster/Class List

We start you off with a list of members from last year's roster, and all you need to do is add new members, 5th year seniors, and mascots or pets.

Graduate classes, simply upload a class list and we will take it from there. Don't forget to add any facutly or staff you wish to feature on your composite.

Photo Appointment Signup

Share your signup link with your group to get them signed-up for the photo appointent. Track who has signed up and who hasn't. Each person who signs up receives a confirmation of their appoitnment as well as a reminder the day before their scheduled time.

You'll want to encourage maximum participation so everyone is included.

Colors & Design

We want the composite to be as unique as your chapter or class. You choose everything from the colors to the arrangement. Review your options from last year, and tell us about any changes.

New to Digital Pix? Upload a photo of your last composite, and we can match the design. You can also start from scratch using our Composite Design tool.

Digital Proofing

Review your composite proof before it gets printed and framed. Get a digital proof of your composite that you can share with one other person for approval. Every detail matters; request revisions from your personal composite designer! We will keep making alterations until you are happy.

Here to Help

Reach out to us anytime for assistance. You can contact us, chat or call 815-363-2800. We make a point to reply within 24 business hours or less. 

Save Your Composites

Digitally preserve your composites with our partners at HistoryIT!

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