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Frame Options

Choose from our hand crafted wooden frames!

Font Styles & Colors

Choose a custom font, or select from our standard choices.

Font Styles

Choose to display your crest in the background.

Plaque Color Options

Choose your style or create a custom plaque!

Plaque Colors

Select any color background in solid or textured.

Mountboard Colors

Specialty Composites

Digital Pix provides exceptional quality group composites and professional portraits.

Have an idea? Our team excels at discovering custom solutions to match your needs. From professional photos for Police Departments to restoring a past composite that's seen better days to creating a high school composite from photos you have already taken, we guarantee you'll receive a composite that's built to last a lifetime. 

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What's Included?

Composites are timeless tradition to preserve your organization's history.

Don't see your group on here? Digital Pix is always intersted in taking on new projects! We are constantly growing and love to see what we can do for you! Contact us today!

Student Group Composites

From Student Government Associations to ROTC, composites are the perfect way to commemorate your time together! 

High School Graduation Composites

Your school can proudly display a large, framed composite and each student will receive an 11x14 copy. 

Professional Composites

Professional composites and portraits for Firefighters, Police Departments, Law Offices, and Real Estate Firms.

Restoration Composites

Preserve your history! Digitize past composites to make them ready for display on a TV. 

Own Photo Composites

You provide the images, and we'll produce a beautiful composite! Lifetime warranty included.

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