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I’m interested in switching to Digital Pix for composites. Who should I contact for more information?

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will assist you. They will be happy to help answer any questions you might have and provide you with a FREE itemized price quote. Please contact our Sales Department online or by phone (815) 363-2800.

I need to budget for the composite. Can I receive a quote?

Yes, Digital Pix will generate a price designed quote specifically for your organization.  No surprises here! Your price quote will be itemized based on your composite options. With Digital Pix, there are no hidden costs. Click here to request a quote!

Are there any special offers for composites available?

Yes, Digital Pix has offers and promotions that run throughout the year. For more information about these offers, please contact us online or by phone (815) 363-2800.

Why is Digital Pix the #1 choice for sorority, fraternity, and graduate composites?

Digital Pix is the leader in composite photography with over 50 years of experience providing composites to sorority, fraternity, and graduate students across the country. Each member of the Digital Pix team ensures 100% accuracy and the fastest delivery in the industry. Digital Pix customers will receive:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 30 Business Day Delivery Guarantee
  • Knowledgeable, Trained Photographers
  • Free Standard Retouching
  • Free Onsite Pose Selection
  • Quality Products that will last a lifetime
  • Solutions to Fit Your Budget
  • Lifetime Warranty

Is Digital Pix Greek Licensed?

Yes, Digital Pix is licensed through Greek Licensing/Affinity Marketing Consultants. As an approved Greek Licensed vendor, your Nationals trust us, and you can too!

What is included in the Lifetime Warranty?

Digital Pix stands behind our work and craftsmanship. If any part of your composite is defective, we will work with you to cover a repair or replacement. Please contact our customer service for assistance at 815-363-2800



How do I schedule a date?

To schedule a date, please contact our Scheduling Department online or by phone (815) 363-2800. Our Scheduling Department will be happy to work with you to set a convenient date and time for your photo session.

Can I change my photography date and/or time?

Yes. Digital Pix begins scheduling 4 months in advance in order to accommodate your busy schedule. If your assigned date does not work, simply call (815) 363-2800 or contact our Scheduling Department online to arrange an alternate date.

How do I confirm my photography session?

Digital Pix makes it convenient to confirm your photo session. You will receive an email with a link to get started. Your first step is to create an online account. Next, you can confirm your session with the click of a button. After you confirm, you will be taken to the Composite Planner, where you can start completing important paperwork for the photography session. Have a question? Call (815) 363-2800 or click the "Chat with Us" button for help.

When will I receive more information about my photography session?

After your session is confirmed, you will be able to login to the Composite Planner, which is a tool to help you get ready for your session. Stay organized by completing the following sections prior to your photo session: Contacts, Composite Details, Roster, and share your invite link for the Sign Up Sheet with your members. 

Something has come up. What if I need to reschedule my photography session after it is confirmed?

We understand that life happens. Contact our Scheduling Department right away online or by phone at (815) 363-2800 and work with them to arrange a new date that is more convenient for your group. Note: If your group cancels a confirmed session within 7 days from the scheduled photography session, fees may apply.


Your Online Account

Who manages the online account?

You decide! The person in charge of scheduling the photo day and approving the composite should be the online account manager. This person is called the primary contact or PC. If you need to change who is in charge, you can easily switch it online.

What am I required to complete for the photo session?

It is very important that the following sections are completed prior to your photo session. Have a question? Click the "Chat with Us" button or call (815) 363-2800 for help.

  • ContactsProvide us with additional contact information. Don't forget to include your photo location and shipping & billing address.
  • Roster: Tell us who is appearing on the composite. Don't forget to indicate last year photos and include any 5th year seniors, mascots, advisors, or faculty. 
  • Sign-Up Sheet: Easily sign your members up for the photography session by sharing a unique URL by email or on your social sites. See who has signed up and who hasn't. Each person who signs up receives an automatic reminder before their scheduled time. 
  • Composite Details: Review your options from last year, and let us know if you would like any changes. New to Digital Pix? Use our Composite Designer to choose design options for your composite. 

What else can I do online?

After your photo session, you will next login to the Planner to review your proof and make any final payments. Have a question? Click the "Chat with Us" button or call (815) 363-2800 for help.

  • Proof: Get a digital proof of your composite that you can share with one other person for approval.
  • Online Payment: Make a payment online with a credit card.
  • Live Chat: Have a question? We have an answer. Our friendly customer service reps are on-call and ready to help with any questions.

How do I switch online account managers?

There are two ways you can switch your online account manager.

  1. If you can login to the online account, go to Contacts. In the Primary Contact section, use the dropdown menu under Account User to select an existing contact or create a new contact to become the new online account manager. It will ask you to complete a short form with their contact information. Once you click "Save & Transfer", you will receive on last chance to confirm. The old online account will deactivate immediately, and the new online account manager will receive an email notification with instructions on how to create their account.
  2. If you don't have access to the online account, call our office at (815)-363-2800 to switch the online account manager.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, visit the I Forgot My Password page. Enter in your email address, and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password. Fortgot your username? Call our office at (815)-363-2800 for help.

What does it mean if a section is unavailable?

Sections are locked based on where you are at in the composite process. Before your photo session, you have the ability to provide contact information, composite details, update your roster, and sign-up members for the session. After your photo session, these areas are locked, and you can communicate any changes with your Account Representative. Once your proof is ready, you will unlock the Review Your Proof section. Lastly, if there is any balances on your account, the billing section will be available for you to pay online.


Composite Billing & Payment

When is payment due for the composite?

Payment is due on the day of photography. If you need to make other payment arrangements, contact our Billing Department online or by phone (815) 363-2800. Late fees will be added if payment is not received promptly.  

Can there be multiple payments or does it have to be a single payment?

We work with each group’s specific needs. Multiple payments may be acceptable, but must be established with our Billing Department prior to the day of photography. Note:  Not being paid in full or late payments may delay the delivery of your master composite and/or copies.

What form of payment do you accept for the composite?

Please bring a single check on the day of photography to pay for composite fees. If paying individually, we accept check or credit card. No cash will be collected on photo day. Reminder: If you are paying your sitting fee online with a credit card, payment is due on the day of photography. If you have questions or need help submitting payment, please contact us within 48 hours of your photography session; otherwise a late fee will be applied. 

Are the picture chairman/class representative and faculty members required to pay for placement on the composite?

Yes, every person appearing on your composite or having their picture taken pays a participation fee. Each member appearing on your composite will receive an individual miniature copy of the Master Composite.  

What is a "participant" and how are fees calculated?

Participants are the members of your program or chapter who appear with a picture on the composite or have been photographed for the composite. Participant fees are non-refundable. All photographs requested to be removed are archived and may be used on future composites. Note: Photos pulled from our archives will incur an additional fee.

What is the cost to use a previous year photo?

We understand that not all members can attend your assigned session. Each person using a previous year pose will incur an additional fee to help cover the cost to store, retrieve, retouch and color correct the image so that it looks amazing on the finished composite. 

How is the composite shipping and handling cost calculated?

Specialty materials and packaging are used to ensure safe arrival of your composite. Due to the unique shape and size of the package, shipping costs cannot be calculated on a traditional weight based scale. Our shipping and handling fees are based on the number of members appearing on your composite, which directly correlates with the size of your Master Composite.


Photography Session

Who determines the photography location?

The photography location is your choice. The room must be at least 18x20 with a minimum ceiling height of 8’. We ask that the room be available an hour and a half before and an hour after your scheduled photo session time for equipment set up and teardown, and that two tables are available to accommodate the photographer’s computer equipment.

Where will I meet the photographer and how will I recognize her/him?

Your photographer will contact you a few days before the photo session. At this time you can determine a meeting place. He/she will be dressed professionally and have a name badge that says Digital Pix.

Will I need to reserve parking for the photographer?

If a parking permit is required on your campus, please either provide one for the photographer or let him/her know where they can obtain the permit on campus.

What if some members were not photographed?

If you have members who could not attend your session, you have a few options. They may use Last Year’s Image (archived photo) if they were photographed in a previous year. You may also call our Scheduling Department at (815) 363-2800 to determine if Digital Pix will be back on your campus at another nearby location for a makeup day, or they may appear with their name only listed as “Not Pictured.” Note: Each person on the composite will receive a miniature composite copy.

I missed the photography session. Is there anywhere to make up the session?

As a convenience, you can attend any of our sessions at no additional charge. Please call our office at (815) 363-2800 to find another location in your area where we might have a photographer. 

How and when do we choose composite designs and colors?

After you confirm your session, you can login to the Planner and visit the Composite Details section to choose your composite options. If you are a current customer, then you will be able to review last year's option. If you would like to keep the options the same, click the green "Yes! Keep it the same" button. If you would like to make any changes, click the red "No, it needs changes" button and list out your changes. New customers have the choice of uploading a photo of their composite, or picking new options with our Composite Designer. Have a question? Click the "Chat with Us" button or call (815) 363-2800.

Are funny/gag photos allowed?

Due to restrictions from many National Headquarters, Digital Pix cannot produce composites containing gag photos, including goofy hats, false names, costumes, hand gestures, etc., that would reflect poorly on the organization. 


How to Dress

What should I wear to the photography session?

Your chapter or organization makes the clothing decision. Be sure to check with your school or class representative for any restrictions. Options include  velvet drapes (ask about our color selection), scrubs, graduation gowns, white nursing uniforms, and street clothes. 

Long sleeves and solid colors are most flattering. Please avoid wearing checkered or small prints due to distortion occurring with busy patterns. We suggest sorority members wear tube tops underneath the velvet drapes to eliminate strap marks and to make changing clothes more convenient.

What does Digital Pix provide for clothing and accessories for our members?

Digital Pix provides a wide selection of attire options, including black jackets, drapes, and pearls. The drape selections are black, blue, red and pink. Inform your photographer of your color choice to ensure it is available for your session. Note: Digital Pix does not supply ties.

What if we changed attire from a previous year?

The most important thing to remember when changing attire from a previous year is that it makes it difficult to use previous year’s images for members not photographed. Therefore, you will need to encourage all members to be photographed in the newly selected attire. In some cases, Digital Pix can provide digital attire changes to last year’s photograph for a per person fee.

Where should I wear my nursing pin?

Pins should be worn on a designated side (usually the left side) slightly higher than a name tag. They must be visible in a head and shoulders photograph. Digital Pix does not supply nursing pins as they are organization specific. Please have 3 pins available for your photo session. Be conscious of long hair that can cover pins, especially if they are required on your composite.

Can students and faculty be photographed wearing nursing caps for their portraits, even if we are not wearing caps on the composite?

Yes, individuals can wear different attire for their portraits. If this is the case, inform the photographer of what you want and they will accommodate you when possible and if time allows. In the case of nursing caps, you can wear them as an alternative to the composite photograph.


Composite Details

What is an Account Representative?

Your Account Representative is a highly trained customer service agent assigned to your composite.  They will serve as your eyes and ears within Digital Pix to answer any questions, offer suggestions, handle your requests, ensure that every detail of your composite is attended to, and keep your composite on track for an on-time delivery.

When will I be contacted about composite construction?

Allowing for shipping and processing, you can expect your Account Representative to contact you approximately 5-7 days after you have completed your last day of photography.

What information is required in order for my composite to be made?

The following information is required to begin composite construction: a complete Member Roster indicating use of any archived photos; a current Officer List; a Composite Construction form outlining all the specific details for the look and layout of the composite; and a Picture Chairperson form providing detailed contact and shipping information.

What if a member is not photographed on our scheduled day?

We strive for full participation. You have 3 options for members who cannot attend your scheduled session. (1) If they have been photographed by Digital Pix in the past, we can use an archived photo, (2) if we are going to be back on campus, you can attend any other Digital Pix session at no charge, or (3) we can list them as “Not Pictured”. Fees apply for use of last year images and not pictured names.

What is Digital Pix’s Philanthropy program?

It is a program that allows you to make certain upgrades to your composite choices that result in Digital Pix making a generous donation to your Sorority’s National Foundation. For more information,  see our Philanthropy Program page.

Can I change the composite options I chose on the day of photography?

You can change your composite options at anytime during correspondence with your Account Representative. Once your file has been sent for Lay-up, additional costs may be incurred to make changes.

When should I expect to see a composite proof?

Once you have resolved all outstanding issues with your Account Representative, you can expect to receive an electronic proof of your composite within 7-10 days.

How many proofs can I receive?

You can receive as many proofs as necessary to ensure your composite is exactly as you envisioned; however, there may be a fee for three or more proof changes. The first proof is created based on all the instructions you provide to us.  If changes are necessary to correct any oversights or errors, we will always send your first revision at no charge.  



Will I be able to purchase portraits?

You will be able to purchase portraits within 2-4 weeks from your photography session via our website. Digital Pix prepares your image by performing color correction and retouching services. 

What is your return policy?

Your custom portrait order is non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with any part of your order, please contact us within 30 days of delivery of your order at (815) 363-2800 or online.

How do I change my pose for portraits?

To change your portrait pose, call (815) 363-2800 or contact us online.

Is retouching available?

Yes, retouching is available. Our experts perform Standard Retouching, including minor blemishes and glass glare, on your selected poses. If you would like additional custom retouching, purchase our Deluxe Retouching service for a fee.

What is included with Deluxe Retouching?

Deluxe Retouching includes stray hairs, tan lines, scars/moles/birthmark removal, braces removal, addition or removal of jewelry, clothing alterations, and tattoo/piercing removal. As part of our Deluxe Retouching, you can specify exactly what you would like touched up. Please note, all special instructions are subject to review. It is our policy to promote a healthy body image and self-esteem, so we do not alter facial or body appearance. 

How long does Digital Pix keep my photos?

Digital Pix has portraits dating back to 2005. After two calendar years, portraits are archived. To retrieve a portrait from the archives, there is a fee. Call (815) 363-2800 or contact us to see if your photo is available. 

What shipping methods do you offer? 

Digital Pix offers a variety of shipping options to ensure you receive your portraits on time. 

  • Standard Shipping (10-18 Business Days)

  • Ground Shipping (7-10 Business Days)

What if I haven't received my order?

Digital Orders  Digital image emails typically come from Please check spam/junk folders as attachments often get flagged. Fees will apply for replacement digital orders after 30 days of the original shipment.

Printed Orders  We can only track orders up to 3 months after shipment. Replacement fees may apply for orders where the tracking information has expired. 

What if I want to cancel my order?

Our office is efficient at processing orders to ensure you receive them in a timely manner, therefore most orders print and ship the next business day, so you may be charged a $15 Processing Fee to cancel if the order has already been printed and packed. Deluxe Retouching services and Digital Images are nonrefundable after the work has been completed or delivered.

I never received my Miniature Composite Copy, how do I get one?

Miniature composite copies are mailed to the school or chapter to distribute to all participants to take home and are included in the participation fee paid. If your copy is lost, damaged, or never received it, a replacement copy must be purchased. Replacement copies are only available over the phone. Composite copies that are two years or older may have additional recovery fees to pull them from our archives.


Online Accounts

How do I view my photo online?

You will receive an email when your photo has been uploaded and available to view, share and/or order. Follow the link in the email to our website. For security purposes, you need your camera card number and the student’s last name to access your photograph on our webstore. This information will be provided in the email.

How can I find my camera card number?

You should receive your proof via email about 2-4 weeks after your photo session. Your camera card will be listed in the email, as well as a direct link to your proof. The camera card code will start with one letter, followed by six numbers (ex. G627431). 

When will my photo be available for purchase online?

You will be able to purchase portraits online within 2-4 weeks from your photography session. Digital Pix is preparing your image by performing color correction and retouching services. For security purposes, you need your camera card number and the student’s last name to access your photograph on our webstore. This information will be provided to you in an email.

I only see 1 pose. Where are my other poses?

Currently, our website displays your selected portrait pose. Your other poses are still available for purchase by phone. Please call (815) 363-2800 to order or contact the Portrait Department.

I ordered portraits on the day of photography. Can I track my order online?

Only orders placed online can be tracked online. If you ordered portraits on the day of photography, and would like to track them, call (815) 363-2800 and ask to speak to our Portrait Department or contact us.

How do I check on the status of the composite I ordered?

Your picture chairperson will receive progress updates about the composite from their personal account representatives. However, if you would like to check on the status of your composite, call (815) 363-2800 or contact us.


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