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Preserving Past Composites

Running out of room to display your composites?

Purchasing your past composites may be an excellent solution. Digital Pix, in most cases, has the last 30 years of composites we have constructed and offer archiving services that provide you with a digital version of your composite. These high-resolution copies are ideal for an interactive kiosk or digital display that alumni or current students are sure to enjoy browsing through.

We have also recently partnered with HistoryIT. They provide some creative online options as well as digital interactive displays. Want to learn more about HistoryIT? Check out their site and contact them today.

Custom requests are our specialty and we would love to see how we can help. Contact us today!

Own Photo Composites

Have photos, but need a composite?

You provide the images and we will produce a beautiful composite. Our experienced staff will create a high quality, professional composite that you will be proud to display at your chapter. Request a free price quote!

The process is the same without the photography. Let us help you commemmorate your chapter or class with a stunning composite. Solid wood frames, hand crafted excellence and outstanding customer service ensure you'll love the finished product.

Save Your Composites

Digitally preserve your composites with our partners at HistoryIT!

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Customer Reviews

Digital Pix is the most recommended composite company!

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