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Composites 101: How to Take a Composite Photo You’ll Love!

There’s no need to dread composites. From hair to jewelry, a little extra time will take your photo from good to gorgeous! Use these helpful tips to avoid photo day blunders.

Keep Your Style Simple

Don’t experiment for photo day! Composites last a lifetime, fads do not. We suggest sticking to our regular, "tried and true" style. Remember to move hair away from your face and move it off any on your shoulders for a clean and classic look. Think “less is more” for jewelry, such as diamond studs or a pearl necklace. Matte blotting powder is your best friend. It will reduce shine, help set your makeup, and your skin will look beautiful in the photo.

For more on attire, check out this full guide on what to wear!

Posture & Posing

For a slimming look, sit up straight for your photo. Avoid slouching or leaning too far back, which make for awkward poses that become an eye sore on the composite. Sit tall, roll your shoulders back and down, and keep your neck elongated. Trust the photographer; they are the expert and will ensure you look your best.

Smile and Relax!

Think happy thoughts at the photo session. When you first arrive, take a couple deep breathes and relax the muscles in your cheeks and jaw. The key to a great smile is confidence. Be natural. Try some photos with teeth and some without so you can preview and pick the one that makes you feel best. You’ve been taking pictures before you could walk. You got this!

Special Tips for Grad Photos

Why are composites a great choice for graduate classes? No awkward 'grip and grin' photos. Composites are taken in a controlled studio setup for the perfect pose every time.

Nursing students wearing a cap should consider hair styles that work with the cap. Some schools even require hair to be pulled back off the shoulders. Check with your program director to confirm attire as well. Are you wearing a lab coat? Classic whites? Make sure to come prepared with the proper clothing. Nursing pins are normally provided by the school. 

You may also want to explore a company that offers the ability to be photographed in different attire. For example, the school may require traditional whites, but you'd like an option to purchase a photo with the nursing cap on. Digital Pix offers flexibility at no extra charge.

Why choose Digital Pix?

When you work with Digital Pix & Composites, your chapter receives the best!

  • A professional, background checked photographer that brings the studio to your location of choice.
  • Choose your composite pose on a laptop at the session (no need to look at the back of the camera).
  • Can’t decide on a pose? Jump back in line to take a few more retakes for free.

Discover what makes Digital Pix photography sessions easy and comfortable. Start with a free price estimate today!

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