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Composite Planner FAQs

Your Online Account

Who manages the online account?

You decide! The person in charge of scheduling the photo day and approving the composite should be the online account manager. This person is called the primary contact or PC. If you need to change who is in charge, you can easily switch it online.

What can I do online?

Managing your composite has never been easier. These features help keep you organized and on track during the composite process.

  • Roster: Let Digital Pix do the heavy lifting. We start you off with a list of members from last year's roster, and all you need to do is add new members, 5th year seniors, and mascots or pets.
  • Sign-Up: Easily sign your members up for the photography session by sharing a unique URL by email or on your social sites. See who has signed up and who hasn't. Each person who signs up receives an automatic reminder before their scheduled time. 
  • Composite Details: Review your options from last year, and let us know if you would like any changes.
  • Proof: Get a digital proof of your composite that you can share with one other person for approval.
  • Online Payment: Make a payment online with a credit card.
  • Live Chat: Have a question? We have an answer. Our friendly customer service reps are on-call and ready to help with any questions.

How do I switch online account managers?

There are two ways you can switch your online account manager.

  1. If you can login to the online account, go to Contacts. In the Primary Contact section, use the dropdown menu under Account User to select an existing contact or create a new contact to become the new online account manager. It will ask you to complete a short form with their contact information. Once you click "Save & Transfer", you will receive on last chance to confirm. The old online account will deactivate immediately, and the new online account manager will receive an email notification with instructions on how to create their account.
  2. If you don't have access to the online account, call our office at 815-363-2800 to switch the online account manager.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, visit the I Forgot My Password page. Enter in your email address, and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password. Fortgot your username? Call our office at 815-363-2800 for help.

What does it mean if a section is unavailable?

Sections are locked based on where you are at in the composite process. Before your photo session, you have the ability to provide contact information, composite details, update your roster, and sign-up members for the session. After your photo session, these areas are locked, and you can communicate any changes with your Account Representative. Once your proof is ready, you will unlock the Review Your Proof section. Lastly, if there is any balances on your account, the billing section will be available for you to pay online.


Before Your Photo Session

What is a participation fee?

Participants are the members of your chapter who appear with a photo or have been photographed for the composite. Participant fees are non-refundable. NOTE: Photos pulled from last year pay the participation fee plus an additional archival fee.

What if a member is not photographed on our scheduled day?

Digital Pix strives for full participation on your compoiste. You have three options for members who cannot attend your scheduled photo session.

  1. Photographed Later (RECOMMENDED): Digital Pix may be on your campus or near your location again. Members can attend another photography session for FREE, if available. Contact our scheduling department at 815-322-5003 or
  2. Last Year Photo: Choose to use a pose from a previous year. Additional per photo archive fees apply. See roster for specific fees.
  3. Name Only: Any member unable to be photographed or use a previous year pose can opt to appear on the composite as a "Name Only" for $5 per name.

Why will the photographer offer us a composite service agreement?

To help you lock in pricing and guarantee a spot on the schedule, you will have the chance to sign a composite service agreement at the photo session. TIP: If your sorority is licensed, have your President and/or Advisor available to sign the agreement.

What if we have special attire or outfits we want to wear?

Digital Pix supplies pearls, velvet drapes in a variety of colors, and black suit jackets. For drapes, it is recommended that your members wear a tube or tank top. If your group wishes to provide shared attire, a full range of sizes is required with a minimum of 3. TIP: Changing attire this year? Make sure all of your members are photographed in the new attire.

What if I want to change my composite design options?

Your chapter may choose to change options by visiting the Composite Details page. Ask the photographer for help in making changes. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact our Design Team at 815-363-2800 for questions about specific colors or designs.

Who should be available at your photography session?

To make sure your photography session runs smoothly, make sure the following officers are ready to help on photo day.

  1. Picture Chair: Arrive an hour and a half before the session to meet the photographer. Be available throughout the photography session to help members with their hair and attire. Bring a laptop with you, so you can complete any remaining online forms, such as the roster or composite details. Remember, the photographer needs an hour after the session to tear down the equipment. 
  2. Treasurer: You'll receive a price estimate with a deposit amount two weeks prior to the session. Prepare a check to pay for your deposit to give your photographer at the photo session.
  3. President/Advisor: You will have the opportunity to sign a service agreement to lock in pricing and continue working with Digital Pix.

After Your Photo Session

What is an Account Representative?

Your Account Representative is a highly trained customer service agent assigned to your composite.  They will serve as your eyes and ears within Digital Pix to answer any questions, offer suggestions, handle your requests, ensure that every detail of your composite is attended to, and keep your composite on track for an on-time delivery.

When will I be contacted about composite construction?

Allowing for shipping and processing, you can expect your Account Representative to contact you approximately 5-7 days after  you have completed your last day of photography.

What information is required in order for my composite to be made?

The following information is required to begin composite construction: a complete Member Roster indicating use of any archived photos; a current Officer List; a Composite Construction form outlining all the specific details for the look and layout of the composite; and a Picture Chairperson form providing detailed contact and shipping information.

What is Digital Pix’s Philanthropy program?

It is a program that allows you to make certain upgrades to your composite choices that result in Digital Pix making a generous donation to your Sorority’s National Foundation. For more information,  see our Philanthropy Program page.

Can I change the composite options I chose on the day of photography?

You can change your composite options at anytime during correspondence with your Account Representative. Once your file has been sent for Lay-up, additional costs may be incurred to make changes.

When should I expect to see a composite proof?

Once you have resolved all outstanding issues with your Account Representative, you can expect to receive an electronic proof of your composite within 7-10 days.

How many proofs can I receive?

You can receive as many proofs as necessary to ensure your composite is exactly as you envisioned; however, there may be a fee for three or more proof changes. The first proof is created based on all the instructions you provide to us.  If changes are necessary to correct any oversights or errors, we will always send your first revision at no charge.  


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