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Composites 101: You Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Mistakes

Quality and accuracy should be a guarantee by your composite company, not something that you need to constantly oversee. 

There are some things you shouldn't have to worry about when you take on the role of Composite Chair. Here's a rundown on why accuracy matters with composites and how to avoid having a composite ridden with errors hanging on your chapter's wall.

1. It's All About the Details

Accuracy begins at the photo session. Is there a laptop for you to review your poses and enter your information, such as name and year in school? If you are writing down your information on paper, there is a higher chance for errors and misinterpretation.

As for the composite details, does the company help you get started by storing information from last year? Or do you have to start from scratch each year? Starting over leaves room for mistakes or missed people on the composite. Plus, it is putting the burden on you, the customer.

Next, consider how the details are being verified. Are they being reviewed by various people at the company and stages of the process? Taking a second or third look can catch the smallest of details.

2. Top Quality

Quality isn't as subjective as you might think. Does the color of the composite look the same as last year? Is the frame well constructed? Consider a company that has high quality standards and consistent look that you can count on year after year. Digital Pix checks the quality of your finished composite throughout our 10 point inspection process. A company that has high quality standards makes it a part of their company culture and everyone involved is constantly reviewing the product to ensure it meets high standards.

3. One Last Look

After all, it is your chapter composite. So you should have a chance to proof and review it, right? Look for a company that has a way to preview your proof electronically so you can provide feedback about member arrangement, color choices, etc. Digital Pix has an online Planner that provides an easy interface where you can review the composite size, zoom in to each member's photo and provide feedback about officer titles and more. Find a member out of place during proofing? Digital Pix will fix it and send you a revised proof at no charge.

Error-Free Guarantee

Composite companies should stand behind their work. Look for guarantees that cover you against errors and manufacturing defects. You shouldn't have to purchase additional insurance. Quality companies should use top quality products that will stand the test of time and have processes in place to ensure that composites are free from errors. Digital Pix not only guarantees error free composites, they also include a lifetime warranty on all products. Learn more and request a quote today!

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