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Composites 101: One Size Does Not Fit All

Just as chapters don’t fall under the category of one size fits all, neither should your composite. 

Size Matters

Greek Life offers a variety of choices. Chapters range in size from 10 to over 500 members, and each one has its own unique personality and values. Don’t get stuck choosing between three sizes for your composite. Instead, find a photography company that creates custom size composites just for your chapter!

Digital Pix & Composites offers custom solutions for each and every chapter. Our composites range in size from 16″x20″ to 50″x73″, depending on how many people appear on the composite and your chapter’s space requirements. Composites are a way to preserve your chapter’s history, which is why it is essential to be able to clearly view and read each person’s photo, name, and title.

Hand Crafted & Custom

How can we offer such a range of sizes? We make everything by hand and to your specs.

Our team will discuss your needs and recommend sizes based on the number of members in your chapter. Need your composite to fit into a display? Don’t worry, talk with our designer, and she will be able to match any size requirements. After it is printed, our framing department hand crafts a wooden frame to make it a perfect fit for your composite! We also include the hanging wire and paper backing for a professional and finished look that will last a lifetime.

Design your own custom composite and get a free price quote.

Go Digital!

No chapter house? Running out of room to display composites?

No problem. We offer a digital composite package where you can still receive the mini printed copies for each person in your group, but we replace the large framed composite with a digital file. This is a great option for groups with limited space and reduced budget. 

You can also add a digital copy of your composite onto any order. It's a great way to start building a digital archive, feature your composites on your website or display them on digital monitor! We also have composites in our archives from the last 30 years. Contact us about purchasing your past composites.

Save Your Composites

Digitally preserve your composites with our partners at HistoryIT!

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Digital Pix is the most recommended composite company!

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