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Composites 101: Keep Calm and Organized with Online Sign-Ups

Stay cool and composed on photo day with an online photo session sign-up. Keeping track of who signed-up for the photo session and which person is next in line to be photographed can be tricky, especially with a paper sign-up. Here are 3 ways online sign-ups will help you stay organized at your composite session.

1. Easily Share Sign-Up with Chapter

Get members to sign-up with the click of a button. Your chapter receives a personalized link to your photography session sign-up. Copy and share this link in an email, or post it to your chapter's social pages. After clicking the link, members fill out a short form and choose from the available dates and times. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. Did we mention they will get a reminder of their time?

2. Automatic Photo Date Reminders

No need to remind your members about the session, we'll send out a reminder for you! Every person on the sign-up receives an email reminder two days before the session. This friendly reminder shows their scheduled time, along with exclusive coupons to use for portrait orders after the session.

3. Stay Organized for the Photo Session

Review and manage the sign-up at any time by visiting the Planner. See who has signed up to be able to easily remind members who still need to choose a time. If someone needs to adjust their time, no need to cross off names from a paper, instead just choose a new time from a dropdown menu. It is as easy as that! Learn more about the features of our exclusive online Planner for managing your photo session.

Join Digital Pix, and get the benefits of an online sign-up for the photography session, plus a knowledgeable team with over 60 years of experience in composites. Get a free quote today!

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