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Composites 101: Is My Composite Company Safe?

Composites have been around for ages. It is a tried-and-true tradition to carry on your chapter's legacy! With advancements in technology, sororities and fraternities have more composite companies than ever to choose from. Being a part of a Greek organization, you probably don't ask yourself, "Is my composite company safe?"

While researching composite companies for your chapter, consider these points before you commit.

1. Know Exactly Who You're Working With

The only person you should expect at your doorstep is your photographer after an appointment has been made and confirmed by your chapter. A respectable composite company will never drop by unannounced and never ask you to sign anything you are not expecting to sign. Be leery of "door to door" type salesman looking to make a quick buck. If a company wants to approach you, it is best done through email or in person at your convention.

2. Ask About Background Checks

It is okay to ask your composite company if they perform background checks on their photographers. Consider researching companies with professionally trained and background checked photographers. Remember, you are inviting the photographer into your chapter's house or school, and it is important to feel comfortable and safe during the photography session.

3. Less Isn't Always More

Cheapest is not always best! Things like professionally trained photographers, top of the line equipment, and background checks all come at a cost. Make the investment to keep your chapter safe and protected. It is a small, additional price to pay to cut down your risk of personal or financial harm. Digital Pix and Composites is a great place to start when looking for a company that has your safety in mind. Contact us for a free price estimate and to learn more about our photography services.

Composites are a timeless tradition intended to keep your chapter's history intact for brothers and sisters to see for years to come. Take the extra time to dig deep and find the company that has your well being in mind. Your legacy is worth it!

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