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10-Point Review Process for Error-Free Composites

Your fraternity, sorority or graduate composite should be proudly displayed for decades. With your help, we want to make sure it’s perfect.

We use the same trusted 10-step process for every composite. From start to finish – here is a peek behind the scenes! This is how we work with you to make a final product you are proud to hang on your walls:


1. Planning Your Composite

The process starts with you! Review your design and roster online before photography. 

2. Account Rep Review

Your DPC account manager will consult with you and confirm every detail of the composite from officer positions to design and colors. 

3. Final Chapter or Group Roster

Before we design the composite, we will send you a roster list of members to confirm spelling, officer position and arrangement order. 

4. Composite Design

Your personal DPC composite designer will layout members in your requested order. They will make sure it’s just right before they send it to you. 

5. Online Proofing

Log in to review the proof of the composite before it goes to print. Zoom in and out to ensure names are all spelled correctly. We will even prompt you with a few standard questions to sign off on.

6. Licensing Review

For groups that are licensed, we upload all designs for approval by the licensing company and your Nationals. This review checks to make sure the colors and crest are on brand. 

7. Digital Pix Proofing

We take another look at the finite details. One more staff member reviews the overall design and layout and compares it to the previous year to make sure important details align. 

8. Printing the Composite

Even our printer operator gets in on the action. Checking on things like photo quality, color consistency and finishing touches. Nothing goes to print without many eyes on the product.  

9. Final Inspection

This is the last step before framing. We will make sure that the officers are correctly placed, the quality of the print is exceptional, and the size is correct before it goes off to the frame shop. 

10. Framing your Composite

Our finishing team will do a final review of quality. This is where we look for any imperfections in the lamination, make the frame and get your composite ready to ship.  

Shipping & Receiving Your Composite 

We are the fastest when it comes to shipping and you receiving your composite. Once we receive all your information and payment, we guarantee your composite will be shipped within 30 business days. Most of the time, we get things sent out within 2 weeks of proof approval. 

If that timeline doesn’t work for you, no problem. We are also happy to hold onto the composite until you’re ready. No extra charge.  

Let's Get This Process Started 

Ready to start planning your photo session? Or, maybe you already have photos and need help creating a polished and professional composite? 

Either way, we are ready and happy to start working together. 

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